Adela - studies are in her genes !

Bildung Zukunft!

Adela is originally from Kosovo. As a youngster aged 5, Adela settles in Berlin during the summer 1993. Germany has granted political asylum to her entire family.

Life then takes its course in Germany and when the girl is 16, the family decides to return to Kosovo. It is a difficult experience for Adela who is not fluent in Albanian and as she has been uprooted her ties are elsewhere.

A forced marriage in Switzerland

Through willpower and immense personal commitment, the girl manages to obtain her BAC in Kosovo. The girl hopes to continue much longer higher education.

Unfortunately, her parents have reserved another future for her with a forced marriage. Her husband, also a Kosovar, lives in Switzerland. Aged 20 years, Adela joins him and as the days go by domestic violence starts.

After several months of suffering, the young woman leaves home but as her residence permit in Switzerland is not renewed, Adela can neither work nor study. And the end of 2010, the decision of the Federal Court is pronounced: Adela must leave Switzerland despite the ongoing criminal proceedings against her husband for domestic violence.

A New Beginning in Germany

What to do? A return to Kosovo is difficult to envision in view of her situation and past. Threats and aggression by the family of her ex-husband can not be excluded. In addition, the young woman knows better German than Albanian.

SSI therefore chose to financially support Adela so she can pursue higher studies in Germany. Today, she plans to begin law school after her freshman year at University.