Training. Future. Perspectives.

What is the support fund ?

If young migrants in Switzerland have the right to attend public school, they do not often have the opportunity to continue their education. Yet it is essential for every young person to develop skills that allow them to build an independent life in his home country or in Switzerland.

Through our training fund, we support young migrants and offer individual support to enable them to develop their professional skills and improve their living conditions.

Our system offers an ideal platform for donors wishing to bring real aid to development: your contribution makes direct and effective assistance.

Solidarity is not a simple word: according to our model of "benefit and compensation ", young beneficiaries undertake to render a service to society. Everyone can choose the domain and the activity they wish to perform according to their interests and skills.

How does the support fund work?

We support the integration or reintegration of young migrants by providing training to allow them to develop future prospectives.

We encourage social involvement from the young participants and help them develop a sense of responsibility.

Young migrants often do not have access to formal education scholarships. Our goal is to offer them the opportunity to obtain an education without their status being taken into account.