Juan - the need to learn!

Bildung Zukunft!

«My name is Juan, I am 19 years old. I come from Colombia. Since the age of 5, I live in the canton of Zurich, where I did my compulsory schooling. My wish would be to start an apprenticeship soon. I am a motivated and serious person.

I need and want to find a structured living environment to feel useful again. To get up in the morning, leave the house and actively contribute to society, this is what I’m lacking.»

Without legal status, but with dreams

«Because of my without legal status, unfortunately I have not found an apprenticeship or training. Since I finished school, I have sent many letters of application. I have only done short training courses in several professional fields.

I feel very comfortable in the fields of care. Today I would like to integrate an internship program in a nursing home, along with school, which would be very good preparation for my future profession.»

«I would be very grateful for you to consider my application and to offer me this chance.»