Michael - School of courage!

Bildung ZukunftMichael is originally from the Republic of Guinea. Orphaned at the age of 14, Michael moved with his two sisters to live with their uncle in Conakry, the capital of the country. A year later, his life changed when an attack was perpetrated against the President in the neighborhood where he lives.

Suspect, imprisoned, escaped

The boy is charged, as is the entire neighborhood, as a suspect. Imprisoned, the residents suffer violent and degrading treatment from their captors. Michael’s uncle is not able to resist and dies from the blows. As for his younger sisters, they are raped repeatedly. Michael manages to escape and begins a journey to Europe aboard a makeshift boat.

In 2005 he reaches Switzerland, where he files a request for asylum and begins studying business.

A future with the School of Business Administration

The procedures are long and appeals numerous but in the end the Canton of Geneva orders his removal. ISS takes the matter in hand, demonstrating the dangers of a possible return to his home country and the motivation of the young man to continue his studies.

Victory is at hand as Michael obtains a residency permit and registers at the School of Business Administration through the grant of a scholarship from ISS. Many additional opportunities for the successful integration of the young man await at the end of his training.