The selection of beneficiaries

The objective of ISS Switzerland is to facilitate the lives of young migrants in Switzerland and young people in developing countries who wish to pursue studies or vocational training.

The areas of intervention include: aid with tuition fees, the cost of housing and food and of social and cultural activities etc...

The granting of scholarships meets the following procedures and criteria:

  1. Reception at ISS of grant application made ​​by the participant, by an ISS partner or by a competent service.
  2. Evaluation of the youth’s situation and his entourage, listening to their desires and skills assessment for the proposed training. Applications from abroad are evaluated by ISS partners on site.
  3. Defining a training plan and funding with the youth
  4. Evaluation of access to formal financial aid opportunities (scholarships for formal education)
  5. Seek funding to ensure complete or partial assistance for training
  6. Proposal by the youth of a reference person (mentor) who agrees to accompany and to ensure the smooth running of training
  7. Definition with the applicant against reimbursement
  8. Evaluation of developments with various contacts and relevant services through the reference person
  9. Submitting regular reports to donors on the situation of the youth and their evolution

If the youth returns to their home country after the training, the grant is regarded as an investment for the future. If they stay in Switzerland, the grant is considered a loan that they will commit to repay.